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Water Pumps

Jinasena is synonymous with the manufacture of water pumps and has been in the forefront of this field for the past five decades. Our “Centric” range of water pumps now meets every conceivable demand.

The new designs with extruded aluminum motor housing are especially designed for efficient heat dispersion. High quality engineering plastics are used for components. Our trading division offers a variety of special application Pumps for Bore Well, Sewerage, Construction, Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Chemical applications.

Agricultural Machinery

Jinasena Paddy Thresher and Reaper made its debut in 1978. Its popularity led to a separate company Jinasena Agricultural Machinery (Pvt) Limited being formed to cope with the demand.

Today, in addition to these machines, there is a range comprising Bush/Weed Cutters, Roto Slashers, Playground Mowers, Pepper Threshers, Rotary Tillers, Choppers, Sievers, Grinders and Processed Tea Cutters. The Research & Development continue in a modern fully-equipped factory situated 18km out of Colombo in Ekala, Ja Ela.

The range of Jinasena ‘Agrimec’ & 'Sinha' Products.

Water Purifiers

In most regions of Sri Lanka we have to deal with impurities like arsenic, sulphur & iron in potable water that result in health issues.

Bearing this in mind J-Aqua was brought to life to help the population overcome these problems. We deal with Water Purifiers that are suitable for domestic and industrial use. We also provide expert water-testing service from our own lab in order to meet our customer requirements. We deal with a range of RO filters for the domestic market, hotel sector, housing complexes and community organisations.

Electric Motors

Jinasena Electric Motors Limited began in the early 1970s. The manufacture of electrical motors predictably branded JEM, was originally for the use of the parent company and now available for general usage. Post-assembly tests include the rigid Dynamometer Load Test, which complies with international standards and are guaranteed for a period of 12 months. (Provided starters and protective gear used are of reputed brands)

Drips And Sprinklers

Jinasena Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation Division was established in 2002. We provide irrigation solutions for Agriculture, Landscape, Turf and Sports Grounds. It has become the market leader in a short period of time due to the product superiority and guaranteed after sales service.

Our Partners are....

  • Jain Irrigation System, India.
  • Naandan Jain Irrigation, Israel.
  • Rain Bird, Usa.
  • NINGBO Evergreen Irritec, China & Armas, Turkey.

They are the world leaders in the irrigation trade.

Pumps For Other Applications

A variety of Submersible & Surface Mount Pumps are available for applications other than clean water.

Residue Dewatering Pumps : For dewatering & clearing of mosquito breeding grounds

Submersible pumps:

Utility : For general dewatering
Sludge : For sludge removal
Sewerage : For sewerage transfer
Sewerage Cutter & Grinder : For sewerage/sludge containing fibrous/solid material
Contractor : For water containing sand & other abrasive material

Chemical Pumps : For highly corrosive chemicals
Food Grade Stainless Steel Pumps : For food & pharmaceuticals, sea water & hot water up to 100°c

Renewable Energy Sector

Whilst we are in the process of expanding our horizons, we are proud to introduce yet another segment, the “Renewable Energy” sector. We will mainly focus on products and solutions under the sustainable energy field.  Our aspiration is to facilitate the customer’s requirement from small rooftop-mounted or building-integrated systems to large utility-scale power stations. These systems could be installed under grid-connected net metering systems or off grid stand-alone systems.