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Our Facilities


Jinasena Limited currently has six factories producing water pumps, electric motors and agricultural machinery. These products, manufactured to international standards, are exported to many countries around the world through Jinasena Industrial Appliances Limited.

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Quality Assurance & Testing

Jinasena places special emphasis on indisputable quality – at every stage. All finished products undergo a stringent array of tests to ensure both quality and workability.The Company holds ISO 9000 certification for quality management systems with regard to water pumps.

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Customer Satisfaction

Jinasena products are manufactured in line with customer requirements and market opportunities. Market research, conducted on a regular basis to evaluate customer satisfaction and market performance, emphasizes two aspects: product design and technology.

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Our Heritage

In 1905, Ceylon, as Sri Lanka was then known, was under British rule. Engineering – like many areas of enterprise - was the sole preserve of foreigners. But there were men with vision, courage and the determination to make their own mark. Mr. C. Jinasena was one of these. The beginnings were modest – servicing and repairing machinery used in tea and rubber manufacture. But Mr. Jinasena was a brilliant, yet practical engineer – and a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, England, whose specialty was steam boilers and machinery, the main source of power in his time.

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